Stone Mountain Christmas & Goldy   1 comment

Here are some photos of the newest member of our family, Goldy.  We think he was abandoned.  He was outside Thanksgiving weekend and was crying to come inside.  Our neighbor was giving him some water and she didn’t know where he came from.  We brought him inside and fed him.  He was starving.  He had a little green collar with a bell, but no id, and it is obvious, he belonged to someone.  We asked around and posted some flyers, but no one claimed him.  I thougt about trying to find a no-kill shelter, but the news had been full of stories about how full the shelters are, so we decided to keep him.  Our 2 cats, Blue & Tessa were not thrilled with the idea, but now that he has been with us for a few weeks, they are tolerating him.  He has beautiful golden eyes, so we named him Goldy.
We visited Stone Mountain Park last evening to get pics of the Christmas Lights.  Enjoy.

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  1. You are a good lady Cora to take Goldy in, especialy when you already have 2 of your own. I am sure with time, they will all settle in well together. The Christmas lights at Stone mountain are beautiful. No Snow??????? Whenever we think of Christmas in the northern hemisphere, there is always snow. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that your daughter spolt you.Sandra

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