Mayport, Amelia Island & St. Simon’s Lighthouse   1 comment

After visiting St. Augustine, we spent the night with a friend in Jacksonville.  The next day we drove up to the Mayport Naval Base to see the lighthouse.  It is located on the base, so we had to drive around to find a good spot to photograph it.  From there we drove to Amelia Island to visit the lighthouse there.  It is still owned by the Coast Guard and located on private property. 
Shortly after crossing the Georgia state line, we decided to visit the St. Simon’s Lighthouse.  They just recently opened the new museum there and it is very nice.
Leaving St. Simon we drove to Savannah for dinner and to get a room for the night.  We had dinner at the famous Paula Deen Restaurant The Lady and Sons.

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  1. Beautiful lighthouses Cora. I like the look of the museum at St Simon’s and the stair well. Sorry you didn’t see any whales but it’s fun just looking for them and knowing they may show up at any time. Our whale season starts in 3 months and already I have been told I am expected on board Spirit. I am really looking forward to the season.Sandra

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