Georgia Aquarium March 2009   1 comment

I finally relented and visited the Georgia Aquarium last March.  My daughter found a great special on tickets through AAA, so we went.  As aquariums go, it is very impressive.  They have 4 whale sharks, 2 females and 2 males and 3 belugas, 1 male and 2 females.  It is still a very popular attraction here in Atlanta and in spite of the economy and it being a weekday, there were lots of people there.
The last few photos are of the Early Spring snow we had here in the Atlanta GA area. 

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  1. I bet that snow fall was a very unwelcome surprise but it looks beautiful in my eyes coming from someone who is having the last of our summer weekends in Oz. It is nearly May and it is suppose to be 30 degrees celcius today. I was very surprised to see whale sharks in the aquarium, I don’t believe they are allowed to be kept in our Australian aquariums. I think swimming with them in Western Australia or even Thailand would be an awesome experience. It saddens me to see them in captivity.Great day Cora, thanks to you and your daughter for taking me on the journey.By the way, a very big happy belated birthday for the 28th March, I thought it was coming up this month but I was mistaken. Thatas Jannis birthday on the 28th April. My apologises for my mistake.Sandra

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