Zoo Atlanta, Coca Cola Museum & The High Museum April 2009   Leave a comment

This should have been 3 albums, but I am just too lazy to go back and do it over.  I was on vacation last week and we made the most of it by visiting the zoo, the Coca Cola Museum and The Hight Museum.
It has been almost 2 years since we have visited Zoo Atlanta.  I was just so disappointed when they performed Artificial Insemination on Dottie.  Her death was preventable, because she was too old to be a first time mother.  They still have Kellie & Tara.  All 3 African elephants arrived at Zoo Atlanta in 1982 when they were only 5 years old.  Their families were culled in Zimbabwe.   The Zoo did some makeovers of some of the enclosures including the elephant enclosure to make room for some new exhibits, like the MeerKats and the Warthogs.  All they really did to the elephant enclosure was fill in a shallow moat and added an outside demo yard.   Their enclosure is still only 1/4 acre.
This was the first time we had visited the Coca Cola Museum since it moved from 5 points to its new location near Centennial Park.  It was the same.  They just had more space to things with. 
Since it was a weekday, my daughter and I practically had the whole High Museum to ourselves.  It was nice.

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