Sunday Afternoon at the Monuments – June 21, 2009   1 comment

Sunday morning started off with a meeting that ended by noon.  I went back to our hotel thinking I would take a quick nap before meeting my daughter later.  She called to tell me the tour she wanted to take had been cancelled and she was coming back to the hotel.  When she arrived we decided to get the truck and drive over to the monuments so she could take pics.  The only one that had parking was the FDR.  The other monuments had little or no parking, so I ended up doing a lot of driving around to find a place to park.  Taking the guided tours is really the best way.  We have done this before, but we really wanted to visit the WWII Memorial, which we had not seen before.
The other monuments we visited were the statues and architeture of Union Station, The Capital, the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial and my favorite, The FDR Memorial.

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One response to “Sunday Afternoon at the Monuments – June 21, 2009

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  1. Very impressive Cora. You have covered a lot of the monuments. Your finger must have never stopped clicking.Sandra

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