Elephants at The National Zoo – June 23, 2009   1 comment

Just a few pics from our visit with the elephants at The National Zoo.  This enclosure is undergoing massive renovation and the original elephant enclosure has been cut in half.  There is lots of construction noise going on and sometimes the walkway in front of the elephant enclosure is closed off.  When that happend people have to detour through the parking lot to get to other animal exhibits.
We only visited the elephants on this trip but we have visited the other exhibits in years past.
The Amish community has always interested me and I like to observe them when we are out and about.  Since the PA community is so close to D.C., we always see them at the National zoo.

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One response to “Elephants at The National Zoo – June 23, 2009

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  1. A sad entry Cora. Seeing elephants behind bars, it is sooooooo wrong. I too have always had a fascination with the Amish people, it was nice to see some photo’s.Sandra

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