Our day at Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty – June 24, 2009   1 comment

After our visit to the Elephants at The National Zoo, we drove to North Bergen, NJ where we spent 2 nights.
The next morning, we drove to Liberty State Park in NJ for the boat ride to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.  We were on the first boat from Liberty Park and lesson learned, we should have gone to Liberty Island first.  Instead we explored Ellis Island first and later when we arrived on Liberty Island, we waited over 2 hours in line to enter the Pedestal of the statue.  Security is tighter than in airports.
Anyway, Ellis Island was very moving.  The audio tour gives the visitor a touch of the experience of what it must have been like for people coming to America.  There were many sad stories and I was moved to tears more than once.
Our visit to Liberty Island was marred by rain and of course the disappointment of the long wait in line.  Visitors could only go to the top of the Pedestal on that day, but the elevator was down for maintenance (probably for the July 4th re-opening of the Statue) and we opted not to climb the 156 steps to the top of the pedestal.  We tried to take a few pics from the 1st level, but it started raining.  It was still a great experience to visit the Statue and the museum inside.

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  1. It would have been a great experience and by the sounds of it, it was your first visit there. You and your daughter have had a fantastic holiday. More people should get out and do what the two of you do……………..see your country.Sandra

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