Staten Island Ferry and NJ Lightouses – June 25, 2009   Leave a comment

We checked out of our North Bergen, NJ hotel and drove to Staten Island to take the ferry across to the NY Terminal.  You can tell from the pics that it was still a gray, hazy day, but it wasn’t raining.  The NY Harbor is full of activity as you can see.  This is the way I saw the Statue of Libery for the first time several years ago.   We just rode the ferry to the NY Terminal, got off and walked around and boarded again for the return trip to the Staten Island Terminal.  So did a lot of people because the ride is free.
The first lighthouse we saw was the Robins Reef Lighthouse in the harbor.
After returning to Staten Island we drove to Sandy Hook State Park.  The park is located at the tip of a peninsula and near an old WWII Fort.  We were too early for the daily tour, so we took pics and visited the Museum in the Lighthouse Keepers Cottage.  On the return trip we stopped at the Sandy Hook Visitors center.  It is a very nice park.  We could see the Twin Lighthouses of the Navesink light on a hill in the distance, so we made our way there. 
The Navesink Twin Lights is very dramatic looking.  From the front of the building you can see the NY skyline and, the Robins Reef Lighthouse and the Sandy Hook Lighthouse.  It was too gray and dreary to get any good photos.  I think we did try to take some video.
From Navesink we continued driving south to visit our last light of the day.  The Sea Girt Lighthouse and Gift shop were not open on the day we visited, but I really enjoyed the neighborhood it was located in.  So clean, beautiful manicured yards and the flowers.  It was lovely.  Such a far cry from the area our hotel was in the night before.
June 26th pics tomorrow …

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