NJ, Delaware & Maryland Lighthouses – June 28, 2009   Leave a comment

Saturday morning we drove to the beach and had a wonderful breakfast, then walked down to the jetties to see where the webcam is located.  We found it on the roof of the Jetty Motel and spent some time in the area just taking in the beauty of the lighthouse and ocean.
It was soon time to leave to get to the Ferry.  We had to call ahead and reserve a spot and luckily were early enough to get the ferry before the one we reserved.  The ride across to Lewes, De. was a little over an hour and very enjoyable.  We were able to get pics of the Fourteen Foot Shoal and the Cape Henlopen Lighthouses on our way in.
I had read a few weeks before our vacation about the Overfalls Lightship and was excited to learn that it would be back in port for exhibition while we were in Delaware.  It has been beautifully restored.
Driving across the Bay Bridge from Delaware to Maryland, we saw the Sandy Point Shoal Lighthouse .  We have photographed this lighthouse before, but we drove to Sandy Point park and took some pics.
The last lighthouse of the day was the Point Lookout Lighthouse.  This lighthouse is supposed to haunted.  It wasn’t open when we visited, so if there were any ghosts we didn’t get to meet them.
We had dinner at a wonderful seafood place called Stoney’s and found a room for the night in the Solomon Islands …

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