Maryland Lighthouses, Calvert Marine Museum & Osprey Nest – June 29, 2009   Leave a comment

We spent the night in Solomon Islands, MD.  We visited the Calvert Marine Museum the next morning.  The Drum Point Lighthouse is on exhibit here.  We did take the time to go through the museum.  The locals are very proud of it.  They had stingrays, turtles and river otters.  Other exhibits included the different fish species found in the Chesapeake and the history of the area.  The museum manages 2 lighthouses.  In addition to the Drum Point Lighthouse, they also manage the Point Lookout Lighthouse that is a 30 minute drive north.
Piney Point Lighthouse was our last Lighthouse visit on this trip.  An added bonus was the discovery of an Osprey Nest near the end of a nearby fishing pier.
The rest of our vacation was spent visiting the elephants at the Baltimore Zoo in Maryland, The Virginia Zoo and The North Carolina Zoo.
We also did the drive through safari at Six Flags Wild Safari in Jackson, NJ earlier ….

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