Video of our visit with the elephants at The National Zoo on June 23, 2009   3 comments


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3 responses to “Video of our visit with the elephants at The National Zoo on June 23, 2009

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  1. Elissa and Cora, well done. You know how I feel about elephants in zoos and although you did a fantastic job with the video, it saddens me to watch these beautiful creatures in this existence. I don’t understand how people in this day and age can get excited about watching an elephant do tricks.Only on Wednesday, a passenger on the whale boat told me that there is a zoo in town with 3 very malnourished looking lions. I thought animals in circuses were a thing of the past.Having said all that, you did a great job of putting the video and photo’s together and I love the music you chose.Sandra

  2. Some of this is hard to watch. It must be hard to film all this. You did a good job..

  3. This zoo has a horrible record when it comes to quality of life for the elephants. As you can see from the video, there is a lot of construction on their habitat and they are getting a new Elephant House, but the keepers use bullhooks and I fear poor Ambika will not live enough to see the new enclosure completed. In addition, winters can be brutal in the D.C. area, so these poor elephants probably spend most of their time indoors in the winter which is very harmful to their health.

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