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This visit was better better than I thought it was going to be.  The beautiful Appalachian Mountains were well worth the hour and a half drive up from Atlanta.  I have lived in Georgia for 19 years, but I haven’t spent very much time in the North Georgia Mountains. 
The Kangaroo Conservation Center is a breeding center.  They breed Kangaroos for other facilities.  They have several different species and they bill themselves as having the second largest group of Kangaroos in North America.  They also have some lovely birds and plants.  Their facility is beautiful and the weather was very nice for a visit. 
We started our tour with a ride on the tram.  It lasted about 30 minutes and gave a great overview of the center.  We were treated to mob of Eastern Greys running across the road.  Lots of little Joeys, in the pouches and out.
There is a quarter mile "Walk-about" that you can do on your own and the Billibong Experience that housed birds from Australia and other locales. 
The gift shop was small and advertised gifts from Australia, but I didn’t see anything I haven’t seen in other zoo gift shops.  They were playing an Aborigini Music CD, but they didn’t sell copies, which was  a shame.  It was very interesting and I would have purchased a copy.  
Visitors could also see where the sick animals were cared for and the kitchen where their diets were prepared.  The guides explained to us how their ears are notched when they are born for idenification purposes.  A microchip is implanted.   They are accredited by the AZA, which , of course accounted for a lot of the zoo feeling.  Still, the center is located in a beautiful area and it was worth the visit.  

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