Video – Day 2 of our visit with the Elephants at the NC Zoo – July 3, 2009   4 comments


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4 responses to “Video – Day 2 of our visit with the Elephants at the NC Zoo – July 3, 2009

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  1. And what did you think of this zoo? This one looks like it has lots of room and a big waterhole. Needless to say I haven’t watched the videos from beginning to end but skipped around to different parts. But I’m wondering what you think.

  2. This zoo is located in a rural area with lots of room to grow. It is already very large. It is divided into 2 parks – North American and Africa. Each park has its own parking lot and they have trams that shuttle visitors between the 2 parks and the parking lots. Most of the animals have lots of space, compared to other zoos, especially, the elephants. I think its 7 acres. The downside is the herd is not integrated. The Matriarch won’t accept Tonga and her calf Batir. In this video they are in a separate yard from the other 3 females. The yards are divided by stong hot wire. It did take over a year to finally get Samantha (Nikki) integrated with Rafiki and Little Diamond, so maybe this time next year Tonga and Batir will be a part of the group.Again, Tonga, Batir and Artie came from Riddles in Arkansas, so they are in a much better place with the exception of the winters. They are harsher than in Arkansas, but at lease Artie like Tuffy in Baltimore will have a chance for a longer life.

  3. Great video. I have to agree with nancy that this zoo seemed to have a lot of land for the elephants to move around.Sandra

  4. Thank you so much for the videos, Elissa and Cora.Wow, I’m so relieved to see Sam doing so well. She’s able to eat and socialize. This zoo is a thousand times better than the Edmonton Valley Zoo. I can’t believe that she’s been there a year and a half!I couldn’t hear what you were saying to her, Elissa. Care to send me a transcript?

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