Amicalola Falls – Aug. 1, 2009   1 comment

Amicalola Falls is only a few miles from the Kangaroo Conservation Center, so we decided to drive up and visit the base of the falls and have dinner at the lodge at the top of the falls.
We drove to the visitors center first to get a map, than parked at the West Ridge parking lot.  From there we walked short easily accessible trail to the base of the falls.  The surface of  the trail is made from recycled auto tires.  It was like walking on rubber flooring.  Great for people who walk with canes or need a wheelchair. 
Along the way we saw an old wrecked truck above the trail.  I searched and searched for some history about the wreck but haven’t found anything yet.
The falls are very beautiful, but I was put off by the crowds.  Of course, the weather was nice and there will always be lots of people around, but I didn’t like how people were crowding on to the small observation area.  There are 175 wooden stairs leading down from the base of the falls to the Visitors center, so we walked down one flight and took photos from there.  Less crowded.
From the West Ridge, we drove up to the Top of the falls and took some photos and video from there.  The view was beautiful from there but I was very disappointed to see that someone had built either a home or a vacation lodge that rally mars the view in my opinion. 
We had dinner at the lodge and again had a marvelous view of the Appalachians.  We will definitely go back the first weekend in November to get pics of the fall colors.


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  1. Nicely put together Cora. Do the falls ever dry up? Sandra

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