Hot Air Balloon Festival in Villa Rica, GA – Aug. 8, 2009   1 comment

Villa Rica is located 35 miles west of Atlanta and 20 miles east of the Alabama state line.   This was their first year to host the Hot Air Balloons and community support was very strong.  This was also our first Hot Air Balloon Festival to attend.
It was interesting watching the cres unfurl the giant balloon covers and set the balloons up and it was more exciting to watch them launch.  Only 6 of the 15 balloons launched.  The other 9 stayed in the parking lot of the sports center and were tethered for rides.
It was a hot summer day, but it did cool off in the evening and the event was very enjoyable. 
The next Hot Air Balloon Festival will be a Callaway Gardens in Suwanee, GA Sept. 4th.  We are planning to attend.   Gallaway Gardens is not only known for its beautiful gardens, but it is near Lake Lanier and there are lots of other recreational activities to do in the area.  We are looking forward to it.

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  1. Cora I loved this day out. All the colour was spectacular. I would just love to photograph a day like this.Thank you for sharing with us.Sandra

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