Saturday in Cartersville, GA Aug. 22, 2009   1 comment

We drove up to Cartersville, GA last Saturday to visit the Booth Western Art Museum.  The museum was very nice.  I was surprised.  My favorite western artist is Remington, but they didn’t have any of his sculptures.  They did have 1 painting, an oil on canvas that was a "possible" Remington.  It was found at an Estate Sale in Decater, GA and curators are almost sure it is a Remington, but it’s not titled that way.
Of course, the reason for our visit was the Grand Canyon Photo Exhibit.  The photos were breath-taking and absolutely gorgeous.
We were only 6 miles from the Etowah Indian Mounds, so after leaving the Museum, we decided to visit them.  We have passed by this exit so many times on our way to Hohenwald, TN.
The mounds are the site of an ancient indian village.  So ancient that the current Indian tribes do not know the real history and who actually built them.   There are 6 mounds in this grouping.  Only the burial mound has been completely excavated and many of the artifacts were on exhibit in the museum onsite.   3 smaller mounds were fenced off, so I’m guessing work is going on there now.
It’s a very interesting site.

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  1. Vert intersting blog and photos. I like the mounds. I was going to ask who got to use the higher mounds but it was shown in one of the diagrams.Sandra

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