An Evening with the Orangutans at Zoo Atlanta   3 comments

We have a membership at Zoo Atlanta because of the elephants.  I like being able to drive over and have lunch and just drop in whenever I am in the area.  Along with the membership comes other events like a Discovery Lecture Series.  We attended a lecture by Willie Smits last Thursday evening.  It was very interesting.  He has recreated a rainforest in Borneo and it is the only place left in the world where Wild Orangutans still exist.  The project took 20 years.  Here is a 20 minute video of his presentation at a TED Conference.  The lecture we attended was much more detailed and was over an hour.
Before the lecture started we were able to visit the Orangutan enclosure for about an hour.  Zoo Atlanta has the second largest group of Orangutans in North America – 10 in total. 

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3 responses to “An Evening with the Orangutans at Zoo Atlanta

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  1. These Orangutans look much happier than the couple at Busch Gardens Tampa….

  2. What a great way to spend an evening, instead of sitting infront of a tv or computer. You have taken some wonderful photos. Thanks for taking us on your trip.Sandra

  3. Wow, I just watched the video from start to finish. What a talk. There is obviously many places where his ideas could be used. It makes it all sound like common sense.Sandra

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