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I have never been very interested in the rich and famous unless they did something to better the world in which we live.   I have visited a few historical homes in the past, mostly because my daughter wanted to see them.  Some of them I enjoyed and some were just boring.
Biltmore Estates is in a class all by itself.  A 223 room getaway for George Vanderbuilt and his family and friends. You will only see less than 50 rooms on the tour, but you will get a sense of how vast the estate was in it’s day – 125,000 acres to the present day of 8000 acres.  It is lovely – beautiful forest abundant with wildlife.  The gardens near the house are smaller than I imagined, but very beautiful.  The exterior design of the house is French Chateau and every room that we viewed on the tour is very individul and beautifully restored and decorated.  The house was ahead of it’s time in technology and there is a behind the scenes tour that we look forward to doing on our next visit.  Built in 1895, it had 43 bathrooms at a time when there was no running water and indoor toilets in most homes.
The Vanderbuilts were the rock stars of their time.  George wanted to get away from the paparazzi of the 19th century and built this house and decorated it himself.  He met his wife Edith on a trans-atlantic voyage.  She was 25 when they married.  They had one daughter, Cornelia, whose Two sons and their children currently own and run the Biltmore Company.
The house was run much like a hotel during its time.  George always had friends and family visiting.  He employed hundreds of people, mostly from the Appalachian area to run the house and the stables.  He also farmed the land and operated a dairy.  After his death in 1914, his wife Edith took over the responsibility of running the estate.  She was very conscious of all the familys dependent on the estate for their livlihood.  I would definitely like to read more about her.
We will be visiting again.  We had a very enjoyable weekend and will be sharing some photos as soon as we get them all organized.

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