Our visit to Busch Gardens in Tampa FL   3 comments

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We vacationed in Tampa and Orlando FL  at the end of November and the first week in December.  If my daughter had her way, we would spend all of our time at Disney.  Me?  Not so much.  Of course, most of my friends know I am passionate about the plight of captive elephants in the USA, so of course, we visited as many elephants as I could fit into our schedule.   Our first stop was Busch Gardens in Tampa FL.  I have know about this place most of my life, but this was my first visit.   It is a pretty park.  Lots of flora.  Unfortunately, the area around it is all developed and built up.  Much like Disney in Anaheim, CA.  Very touristy.  We had reservations for the Elephant Insiders Tour and made our way to the place to meet our guide.  I have posted about our experience with a few photos on The Elephant Commentator: http://elephantcommentator.fezboards.com/index.php&showtopic=432

When we entered the park we were greeted by Pink Flamingos.  There were 4 park employees with them.  It was a sight, but one I certainly did not agree with.


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3 responses to “Our visit to Busch Gardens in Tampa FL

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  1. EVen so, it must have been fun to be so close to the flamingos. I do like them. Nice photos. Certainly, not the most ideal situation but it appears to be better than most.

  2. Looks like you had a good time and lots to see there. Thanks for posting. Looking forward to the next one.

    Darline in New Mexico
  3. Nice to see some of the photos from your trip. I can understand why you wouldn’t have been very impressed with your entry into the Busch Gardens…………I am sure like you, that Flamingoes belong somewhere else and not there.
    I have visited your elephant commentator site and am more than impressed at all the work you have been doing.
    Thanks for sharing Cora.

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