Tower of Flowers – Atlanta Botanical Gardens Feb. 20, 2010   3 comments

We had beautiful Spring like Temps this weekend, so my daughter and I spent Saturday afternoon at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.  Their exhibit Tower of Flowers were all the beautiful Orchids in the conservatory.  That was about all there was to see.  The gardens were being re-planted for the Spring exhibits.  Enjoy!

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Snow!   1 comment

The big Winter Storm that has been hitting the NorthEast and Great Lakes has finally made it down here.  It started snowing aroung 2 PM today.  It has stopped for now and it’s expected to get down into the 20s tonight.  The temps will warm up to the 40s Sat and Sun, then more snow is predicted for Sunday night.  It will be a mess driving to work Monday morning.

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Happy New Year!   1 comment

To all my online friends, have a Happy New Year and stay safe.
I am going to spend New Year’s Eve with the elephants –

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Rounding out the day in Callaway Gardens   1 comment

After our visit to the Horticulture Center we decided to drive into the little town of Pine Mountain and check out some of their Main Street shops.  They had some very beautiful and expensive antique shops and we found several pieces that we really liked, but didn’t buy.  I did purchase a Winged Back chair for the living room.  It looked like it had never been used.
We decided to have dinner at The Mountain Creek Inn where we stayed last September.  They had a nice Italian Buffet.
We rounded out the evening by doing the Fantasy in Lights drive and then a littel shopping at the Holiday Village.  I have posted a few photos of the lights.  We videotaped most of it and I will post as soon as we get it all uploaded.
Merry Christmas!  Heres wishing everyone a safe and Happy Holiday week with your family and friends.

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The Sibley Horticultural Center – Callaway Gardens   1 comment

Our next visit was to the Sibley Horticultural Center.  It’s gorgeous!  There is always something in bloom no matter what time of year.

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Day Butterfly Center at Callaway Gardens   1 comment

We spent a couple of hours at the Butterfly center.  There weren’t as many people and not as much foliage.  It was very enjoyable.

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Lodge at Callaway Gardens – Pine Mountain, GA Dec. 19, 2009   1 comment

We spent last weekend at Callaway Gardens.  We drove down for the Christmas Lights, but we really enjoyed spending all day in the gardens.  Even though it is winter, there was still much to see and do.
This was our second visit and we stayed at the lodge.  It’s very nice

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